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Looking to raise capital in the independent broker-dealer

and RIA space?

You're in the right place!

Elevate Your Capital Raising Journey and Launch Your Product with Confidence.

Alternative Advisers was founded in 2014 to help new product sponsors create a roadmap to successfully introduce product and raise capital long term in the independent broker dealer and RIA marketplace.

Macro strategy

& budget

PPM Review

& Modification


Service Partners


Marketing Strategy

Third Party Due

Diligence Requirements

Build Out

Selling Group

Distribution Team:

Recruit, Hire, Train

Capital Raise: RIA, IBD, Family Offices, Institutions


With over 30 years of experience in this industry, along with having assisted in launching several successful new sponsors, Alternative Advisers provides a customized action plan to ensure our clients have a successful journey in this space that includes:

Will Powers 

Founder | CEO 

Will has spent over 33 years in the financial services industry. Since 2014, Will has served as CEO for Alternative Advisers, LLC, a consulting firm working with new sponsors looking to raise capital through the independent broker dealer and RIA channels. Here, he assists in all facets of the distribution model, from product/PPM development, marketing, key accounts, building out the sales team and ultimately raising capital.

Clients include Sortis Capital, AKRU, Participant Capital, Healthcare Properties etc. His product experience spans over many product types including Red D, Reg A, non-traded REITS, DST/1031 programs, mutual funds, oil and gas programs and SMA/fee-based accounts.

Will also has experience in setting up and running a securities broker-dealer as he did with Wealth Exchange Solutions in 2004 that focused on a distribution program to financial planners for 1031 real estate programs.

Will has a BS in Business from Emmanuel College, and currently resides in Naples, Florida.

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